outpatient clinic for women

Women’s Outpatient Department

See a gynecologist if you have any of the following

Common problems and symptoms

Irregular bleeding, abdominal pain, protruding abdomen, irritability, fatigue, hot flashes, painful intercourse


If you have any of the following, please see a breast surgeon

Common problems and symptoms

Noticing a lump, discharge from the nipple, breast pain, abnormalities in the physical examination, lumps under the armpit

Breast Surgery※渋谷のみ対応

Clinic Hours and Appointments

Gynecology and Breast Surgery are available by appointment only.
Please check our office hours and make an appointment below.

MY Medical Clinic Shibuya 03-4579-901103-4579-9011
MY Medical Clinic Otemachi 03-4565-020003-4565-0200
MY Medical Clinic Yokohama Minatomirai 03-4570-054903-4570-0549


Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday (9:30-11:00,13:30-16:00)
*Please be sure to make an appointment as it is by appointment only.
Please be sure to make an appointment.
Yokohama Minatomirai
Tuesdays and Fridays (9:30-11:00,13:30-16:00)
*Please be sure to make an appointment as appointments are by appointment only.

Breast Surgery

*Please be sure to make an appointment as it is by appointment only.


What you need for your first visit

  1. 1. Health insurance card
  2. 2. If you are eligible for a medical expense subsidy, please present your medical ticket or beneficiary card (*).
  3. 3.Reference letter *If you have one
  4. 4.Health check-up results if you wish to have a secondary examination.
  5. 5.Medication book (if you do not have one, please bring your current medication).


  • Insurance cards must be checked at the beginning of each month by the medical insurance organisation.
  • If the insurance card cannot be verified, the treatment cannot be treated as insured treatment.
    Copies of insurance cards are also not accepted.
  • In this case, the treatment will be treated as self-funded, but will be refunded if you bring your insurance card within the specified date.
  • Our clinic is a designated non-workers’ compensation medical institution and does not provide workers’ compensation services.
  • Credit cards (JCB, Amex, VISA, MasterCard, Diners, DISCOVER) are accepted.

About waiting times

Priority is given to those with appointments at the clinic.
Waiting times may vary depending on each consultation or procedure.
Please note that the waiting time may be longer during busy times.
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